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16th Newsletter
McMaster Univerity Health Sciences School of Rehabilitation Science

Welcome everyone to the Fall/Winter 2007 newsletter from the School of Rehabilitation Science (SRS), McMaster University.

On September 4, 2007, the SRS welcomed approximately 150 new Professional Master's OT and PT students. The new arrivals participated in many academic orientation sessions during the day and social activities in the evening. The SRS also welcomed 1 new thesis based Research Master's student, 10 course based Research Master's students and 5 new PhD students.

Since September, many of our faculty have received various research grants. Highlights of their research activities are available in the Research Spotlights section. Several faculty, community partners, and volunteers received awards at the SRS Awards ceremony on October 10, 2007 for their contribution in the form of research, administration or education. Read more about the award recipients in the Awards section of the newsletter.

At the Fall 2007 Convocation, approximately 108 students in the Class of 2007 Professional Master's program received their Master of Science degrees: 52 received their MSc(OT) and 56 received their MSc(PT). As well, 3 Research Master's students received the degree MSc(RS).

On June 7, 2008, the SRS in collaboration with the McMaster Alumni Advancement Office will host the 15-year, 10-year and 5-year reunions of the OT and PT Classes of 1993, 1998 and 2003 respectively. The Reunion Planning Committee has begun plans for this major event and hope to see many of the alumni return to their alma mater to celebrate their class anniversaries. More details about the Class Reunions are highlighted in the Upcoming Events section.

As we approach the holiday season, I would like to wish each and every one of you a safe and festive season with your families and friends.

Remember to stay connected and share your recent activities with us.

As always, we welcome your feedback and... stories - send them to collinsh@mcmaster.ca

All the best of the Season!

Penny Salvatori, Acting Associate Dean, School of Rehabilitation Science



2008 Reunion Celebration! Join the Festivities!

The SRS is pleased to announce the 15-, 10- and 5-year Reunion celebration of the Classes of 1993, 1998 and 2003 on Saturday, June 7, 2008.

Members of the 2008 Reunion Planning Committee met in October 2007 to begin planning the venue for the special event on June 7, 2008. The venue for this wonderful celebration will include participation in the annual Helen Saarinen Fun Run, followed by a luncheon BBQ in the backyard of the Mohawk-McMaster Institute of Applied Health Sciences building (IAHS), Tours of the IAHS, and the Reunion Dinner. The tours of the IAHS will include the PT and OT skills labs, the Learning Commons, the OT/PT Student Resource Centre, and the ADL and nursing stations on the second floor. The Reunion Dinner will culminate with dessert, coffee/tea and light music, the perfect ambience for networking and reconnecting with former faculty and classmates.

We invite alumni from the Classes of 1993, 1998 and 2003 to SAVE THE DATE of June 7, 2008 and come back to Mac! Check your email in December! Further information about the 2008 Reunion will be sent to the respective classes from their Class Reunion representatives shortly. The 2008 Reunion Planning Committee include:

Class Reps:
Rob McCall, PT'93,
Linda Pillinini, OT'93
Taffina Marley, PT'98
Angela and Ian Bladon, OT'98
Giacomo Fabrizio, PT'03
Brianno DiRezze, OT'03

Student Reps:
Julia Williams, OT1
Nicole Sorichetti, OT1
Candice Kwok, PT1
Fiona Cheung, OT2
Chantal Beaudry, OT2
Ross Baker, PT2
Carolyn McIntyre, PT2

Staff Reps:
Helena Collins, Program Administrator
John Popham, Alumni Advancement Officer
Jenny Thomson, Alumni Advancement Officer



Congratulations and Best wishes to the respective recipients on their achievements!

The 2007 Entrance Scholarships. Presented to the following recipients:

Occupational Therapy:
Saadia Amanulla
Rebecca Cruickshank
Evelyn DiFrancesco
Lara Gysbers
Vanessa MacDonald
Kendal Musgrave
Julia Schiller
Kathryn Semple
Piotr Sobczak
Melissa Webster

Margaret Bergeron
Heather Burridge
Josephine Citrigno
Jennifer Driedger
Shawna Druchok
Christina Hallett
Heather Hickey
Shirin Hosseinpour
Erin Sturch
Brianne Vena

The Class of 2007 OT Academic Awards
Presented to the following recipients:

The Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists Book Prize. Maria Mullaly, for obtaining the highest academic standing in occupational therapy coursework throughout the entire Occupational Therapy Program.

The Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists Prize. Jane Zambon, for achieving the highest overall average throughout the Occupational Therapy Program.

The Professional Practica Prize. Elisha Watanabe, for demonstrating excellence in clinical practica throughout the course of the Occupational Therapy Program.

The Shari Lowe Book Award. Sapna Ramanan, for demonstrating excellence in occupational therapy skills in the health of the older adult.

The Northern Studies Stream Book Award. Lindsay Henderson, for demonstrating interest and effort in the healthcare issues of northern, rural and remote practice in the Northern Studies Stream.

The Roulston Innovation Award. Erline Wong-Sing, for demonstrating innovation in best design project, innovative research project and best fieldwork placement.

The Class of 2007 PT Academic Awards.
Presented to the following recipients:

The Canadian Physiotherapy Association Award. Dana Ruby and Tina Sahota, for attaining the highest Cumulative Average in the Physiotherapy Progam.

The Hamilton District Ontario Physiotherapy Association Book Prize. Swapnil Rege, for actively contributing to the involvement of others in the OPA/CPA while maintaining a good academic standing.

The Canadian Respiratory Health Professionals/Canadian Physiotherapy Association Student Excellence Award. Dana Ruby, for achieving the highest level of academic and clinical excellence in cardiorespirology during the course of her physical therapy studies.

The Eleanor Lees Prize. Mariam Mokhtarzada-Salim, for demonstrating academic achievement and excellence in clinical fieldwork related to neurology.

The Northern Studies Stream Book Award. Lisa Swallow, for demonstrating exemplary interest and effort in the healthcare issues of northern, rural and remote practice in the Northern Studies Stream.

The Physiotherapy Professional Advancement Award. Matthew Stott, for making a significant contribution to the profession of physiotherapy upon graduation.

The Canadian Physiotherapy Association - Paediatric Division Award. Tina Sahota, for demonstrating clinical and academic strength in the area of paediatric physiotherapy.

The Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada Entry-level Student Research Award. Kristen Olsen and Lisa Swallow, for achieving the highest grade in the Research and Evidence-based Practice Project in Unit 6.

Pat Miller, Kristen Olsen and Laurie Wishart

Jane Zambon and Deb Stewart


The Class of 2007 OT and PT Student Recognition Awards.
Presented to the following recipients:

The Student Leadership Award. Carrie Solomon, OT, Swapnil Rege and Stephanie Cooper, PT, for demonstrating excellence in planning and coordinating events.

The Athleticism Award. Terri Malchow, OT and Raymond Yu, PT, for demonstrating excellence in promoting and coordinating athletic events.

The Humanitarian Award. Maria Mullaly, OT and Catherine Vingerhoets and Alishah Jamal, PT, for demonstrating excellence in volunteering and coordinating charitable causes.

The Innovation Award. Shawna O'Hearn, OT and Matthew Stott and Swapnil Rege, PT for demonstrating excellence in contribution to development of novel programs in Rehabilitation.

The Class Spirit Award. Nadine Russell, OT and Stephanie Cooper, PT, for demonstrating excellence in the promotion of and participating in academic, social and professional issues.

The Faculty Leadership Award. Nancy Pollock, OT and Liliana Coman, PT, for being the most supportive and most outstanding instructors.

The SRS Awards.

Presented to the following recipients:

Contribution to the School Award. Jackie Bosch, OT faculty, Joan Southam, PT associate, Bruce Wilson, community faculty volunteer, Jane Wilkinson, Marjorie Smith, Shirlene Hedden-Badger, Averil Willick and Pauline Boucher, longstanding community supporters, and Daniella Zagrodski, OT associate, for providing consistent, significant and longstanding contribution to the School of Rehabilitation Science in the form of research, administration and /or education.

The Unsung Hero Award. Sandi Mugford, OT associate, Baljit Samri, OT faculty and Kim Carey, OT associate, for their special contribution that goes beyond the call of duty in areas of research, administration and /or education.

The 2007 Outstanding Preceptor Award. Vickie Fraser-MacDougall, PT associate and Colleen O'Neill, OT associate for their commitment to excellence and outstanding contributions to the educational development of future occupational and physical therapists.

The Catherine Smith Award. Rob Wojkowski, OT'08 and Anne Jamieson, PT'08, for their commitment to hard work and perseverance, and not afraid to question or challenge using a constructive approach.

The Basmajian Travel Award. Heather Colquhoun, PhD student, Alison Douglas, PhD student, Nadine Graham, MSc(RS) student and Danielle Levac, PhD student, to present their papers at respective professional conferences.


Earn Your MSc In Rehabilitation Science While Working!

The internationally regarded School of Rehabilitation Science at McMaster University is now offering an online, course-based option for the Master's degree in Rehabilitation Science.

This option is designed to accommodate your demanding work and home-life schedule. Built specifically for practicing occupational and physiotherapy professionals, this option gives you flexibility and access to the finest curriculum available.

Further information is available HERE



Congratulations to the following investigators:

Carol DeMatteo, Co-investigators, Brad McFadyen and Robin Green, and a team of researchers from Ontario and Quebec for receiving $120,000 over three years for a joint Quebec-Ontario ABI project. This project involves understanding and measuring integrated cognitive, motor, sensory and psychosocial functioning in ecologically valid contexts to improve diagnosis, prognosis and treatment following TBI.

Kathleen Martin Ginis, associate member in the SRS, along with SRS Co-investigators, Steve Hanna and Lori Letts, have received a Community-University Research Alliance grant of $948,328 (2007-2012) from Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, entitled, “Promoting Physical Activity in the Spinal Cord Injury Community: Development, Mobilization and Assessment of an Evidence-based Approach”.Other co-investigators include D. Ditor, S. Bray, A. Hicks, A. Latimer, K. Hayes, H. Prapavessis, D. Wolfe and L. Brawley.

Jean Wessel, Vickie Galea and Norma MacIntyre for receiving $5000 from The American Society of Hand Therapists (ASHT) for the 2007 Evelyn Mackin Grant for Research in Hand Therapy. Their research topic is entitled, “Hand Impairments, Dexterity, and Function of Persons with Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis of the hand - a Model of Disability”. This research topic also includes an ongoing study being conducted by Jean Wessel, Vickie Galea and Joy MacDermid.



The School of Rehabilitation Science at McMaster University is now offering a PhD program to educate rehabilitation scientists to become experts in rehabilitation science, advance rehabilitation research and transfer new knowledge into practice and policy.

We invite professionals with a completed MSc in rehabilitation or related field to optimize their expertise and competencies in a prime individualized academic portfolio... Further information is available HERE


Susan Roberts

Susan Robarts graduated from the McMaster BHSc(PT) in 1997. Fast forward ten years later, Susan is currently the Clinical Supervisor, Advanced Practice Physiotherapists at The Holland Orthopaedic and Arthritic Centre, a Centre of Excellence for Hip and Knee Replacement.

After graduating from McMaster, Susan was the sole-charge physiotherapist in the Mushkegowuk Territory, a “special access zone” on the Coast of James Bay for three years, where communities have fly-in access only. Cree is the primary language and the population's health represents a crisis in Canadian healthcare. The socio-economic status ranks 63rd in the world next to Mexico and Thailand.

Susan expressed the reality of her first experience. “It's pretty shocking to experience the reality of life in these communities and discover the unmet healthcare needs…right in our own backyard! …I didn't need a passport for the experience but I was glad I brought fruit, vegetables, long underwear and grew up flying in the baggage compartment of my dad's plane.”

Challenged by the experience, Susan went on to complete an MSc at Queen's University, defending a thesis that examined the needs of Cree people with disabilities. While completing her thesis, she developed a Regional Rehabilitation Initiative funded by the Change Foundation, in partnership with Queen's University, that trained local people to meet needs in the 6 remote communities. She continued to provide locums for another 2 years.

Susan attributes her extended stay in the remote area to the education she received at Mac. “I learned to problem solve and loved the challenge. At Mac you learn to ask questions and explore all angles of a patient's problem. Providing healthcare in the remote North is so complex it's easy to become overwhelmed. Mac taught me a process for approaching a problem. The education I received has enabled me to take on different types of projects through a very transferable skills set.”

Susan went on to lead a project in Toronto aimed at early identification of Inflammatory Arthritis alongside Dr. Mary Bell, Rheumatologist, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.

Current activities include developing the role for Advanced Practice Physiotherapists at the Holland Centre alongside Deborah Kennedy and Dr. Jeff Gollish. The role broadens the physiotherapist's boundaries and maximizes scope of practice. The project focuses on reducing wait times for hip and knee replacement surgery while maintaining high patient satisfaction and quality of care.

Her extra curricular awards and accomplishments include winning the award for “Best Crew”, sailing in the Shark fleet during her time in Kingston. In 2005, she completed the Chicago Marathon and also spent 2 months in Guadalajara, Mexico, studying Medical Spanish and working in a hospital. Her other hobbies include Drawing, Snowboarding, Windsurfing and Tennis.

Well done Susan! Your experiences and accomplishments have further reinforced the value of the McMaster PBL self-directed learning methodology and the outstanding “teachers” in the McMaster physiotherapy program.

UBC/McMaster University
Graduate Certificate in
Rehabilitation Program

Courses are open to eligible rehabilitation professionals as well as graduate students. For information on admission and application details, click here.



Best wishes and congratulations to...

Hallie Groves, long-standing member of the SRS and the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) at McMaster, who retired in October 2007. A legend in her own field, Hallie became one of the best Anatomy Resource support in the Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster for over 30 years. As a member of the Physiotherapy faculty, she served as a PBT tutor and student advisor for several years. Students both past and present will always remember Hallie with fondness. She shared her academic expertise with finesse and patience, always taking the time to explain the terms and associated movements of the human body to many a student, who would arrive on her office doorstep wringing their hands. She was a good listener and always made time to listen and help students in distress. Hallie and her husband, David Groves, also a long-standing member of the FHS and another ‘retiree', are currently doing what they enjoy best... sailing in the sunny South. We wish Hallie the very best in her new life after McMaster and hope to see her at future School events and class reunions.

The article in the November 6, 2007 McMaster Daily News read “Overcoming Obstacles to help people with disabilities”. Susan Bubak, reporter with the Daily News, met with Sanga Dorji, an international student in the MSc(RS) program to learn more about Sanga's visual impairment and his ability to deal with many visually challenged activities. He does not feel that he is extraordinary, however, faculty, staff and peers in the SRS will agree that Sanga is a role model for both able and disabled people, because of his determination and tenacity to surmount any obstacles in order to achieve his goals. And... he does all of this with a pleasant demeanor and a sense of humour. The full article is available at http://dailynews.mcmaster.ca/story.cfm?id=5026

She was feted with two farewell parties! Following a wonderful farewell dinner given in her honour by colleagues in the ‘south' (McMaster) at the University Club this past summer, Elaine Foster-Seargeant, former PT NSS Coordinator of the Northern Studies Stream at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay was acknowledged again in the ‘north' by her family, friends, former students and colleagues. Esme French, PT'02 and NSS associate, shared the highlights of Elaine's party with us.

“In true McMaster style, small group learning and presentations took centre stage as an enthusiastic group of friends, family, former students, and colleagues gathered in Thunder Bay this September to celebrate Elaine Foster-Seargeant as she moves on from her role as the Physiotherapy coordinator of the NSS program.

A team OSCE incorporating anatomy (skeleton jigsaw puzzle), hydrotherapy (water balloon toss, sponge relay race), motor learning (hula-hooping, bench leaping), and cardio-resp (balloon blowing) stations brought many smiles and laughs to all those who attended. As well, a few tears were shed as Elaine was presented with an aboriginal musical tribute and a McMaster memory book which included photos and messages from former students spanning the country - from Newfoundland to BC. In lieu of gifts, a significant donation was made in Elaine's honour to the Stephen Lewis Foundation, a cause which is very close to her heart.

To echo the sentiments of the Hamilton-based SRS team, on behalf of the Northwestern Ontario rehab community, we wish Elaine well as she moves on to the next exciting chapter in her career.”

Joy MacDermid, PT faculty was one of six winners to receive the “Quality of Life Research Award” for 2006-2007 from the Advisory Board of the Institute of Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis (IHMA), in recognition of her outstanding leadership in the area of rehabilitation - pain, disability and chronic diseases. “IMHA's quote of Joy's exploration of ‘all-arthroscopic or mini-open repair of a rotator cuff tear' stated, this is a true demonstration of the type of research that will not only strengthen our health care system but help us take one step closer to the dream of all Canadians - an active fulfilling life with healthy skin, teeth, bones and muscles.”

Another award! Peter Rosenbaum, CoFounder, CanCHILD Centre for Childhood Disability Research and Director, McMaster Child Health Research Institute, received the AACPDM Mentorship Award at the American Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine Annual Meeting held in Vancouver, BC this past week. Dianne Russell also a member of CanCHILD, had the privilege of presenting the award to Peter and noted, “It is not uncommon to see Peter off in a corner, eagerly meeting with colleagues, intently listening to their ideas and providing his thoughtful insights. His enthusiasm is infectious and his unending guidance and support have motivated a large number of colleagues to go on to make their own significant impacts on the field of childhood disability.”

On November 16, 2007, the Class of 2007 OT and PT graduates were proud to listen to one of their own at the Fall Convocation. Matthew Stott was selected by the McMaster Students Union to deliver the valedictorian address. It has been a few years since a student from the SRS has been invited to be the valedictorian at convocation, so the SRS community was thrilled when Matthew was given the honour of speaking at the November convocation.

First Assistant Dean (RS) Program! Seanne Wilkins, OT faculty, was appointed the RS Program Coordinator a couple of years ago. The SRS was pleased when the University Senate and FHS Faculty Executive formally approved the change of title from Program Coordinator to Assistant Dean, Rehabilitation Science Program in October 2007. We wish Seanne well as she continues her role under her new title of Assistant Dean (RS) Program.

Sandra Moll, OT faculty, launched her new book, “Beyond the Business Case: Mental Illness in the Workplace” on October 4, 2007 at the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce. Sandra had been writing this book for the past year for the Canadian Psychiatric Research Foundation. A valuable resource for employers, the book addresses mental illness in the workplace.



Welcome to new faculty members!

In October 2007, John McCluskie stepped into the anatomy teaching role in the MSc programs succeeding Hallie Groves. John is a graduate of the McMaster MSc(PT) in 2004 and has been actively involved in various roles in the MSc Physiotherapy Program, including supervising physiotherapy students during their clinical placement experiences and tutoring in Unit 1 for the past 2 years. He has also been an anatomy TA for the OT/PT students during the past few years where his expertise and knowledge of functional human anatomy and biology have been a definite asset to the students.

John will continue as a physiotherapist at both Proactive Physiotherapy and the General Hospital in Hamilton. He is a very experienced clinician who is well-respected by peers, colleagues and the community and is regarded as a very knowledgeable and dedicated physiotherapist.

Two other graduates of the McMaster Physiotherapy Program, Christopher Winn ‘02 and Kirsti Reinikka '00, also stepped into new roles as part-time faculty in September 2007 to fill Elaine Foster-Seargeant's shoes in the Northern Studies Stream.

Since graduating from the MSc(PT) in 2002, Christopher has been actively involved in various roles within the MSc (PT) Program in the NSS, including lecturer, tutor and clinical lab instructor in Unit 5. He has been a supervisor of physiotherapy students during their clinical placement experiences. As a new Assistant Professor in the SRS, Chris (as he normally calls himself), has assumed responsibility for overall coordinator of the NSS in the PT program, with primary teaching responsibilities in Unit V, including PBT coordinator, REBP coordinator, PBT tutor, occasional guest lecturer and coordinator/instructor in continuing education workshops in northwestern Ontario. Chris continues to work in clinical practice as a physiotherapist at Fanti Physiotherapy in Thunder Bay and was recently appointed a member of the OPA Board of Directors.

Kirsti recently graduated with a Master of Public Health degree from Lakehead University in Thunder Bay. In 2000, Kirsti received her undergraduate degree in Physiotherapy and since that time, has been involved in many roles in the MSc Physiotherapy Program including tutor, lecturer, supervisor, clinical instructor and more recently in the Research and Evidence-Based Practice Unit, as a co-investigator and supervisor of student research projects. As an Assistant Clinical Professor, Kirsti will coordinate the Unit V Clinical Lab course within the Northern Studies Stream (NSS) of the Physiotherapy Program. Currently, Kirsti is a physiotherapist with St. Joseph 's Care Group in Thunder Bay, and a research consultant with the Northwestern Ontario Regional Stroke Network.



Katie Bellefontaine, OT'07 completed her final Term 6 clinical placement at the Working Group Disability Service Program of Southern Nyanza (DSP) in HomaBay, Kenya.

A picture is worth a thousand words! The picture below aptly illustrates Katie's experience in Kenya.


Shawna O'Hearn, OT'07 completed her final Term 6 clinical placement in Uganda. Below is her own story...

Education in Uganda: Free for All?

As I slid off the back of the motorbike, children dropped their maize and mothers put a baby on their hip as they greeted our arrival. Small wooden stools were brought and planted into the red earth under the shade of the tree for the two health care professionals. Once the formal welcome was completed, the purpose of the visit could be discussed with the family. This home visit in a rural village outside the town of Tororo in Uganda was a strategic part of identifying, supporting and monitoring children who are deaf and blind and their families.

Our client was an 8 year old boy who is deaf and has low vision, not going to school and living deep in a village bordering Kenya. There is one school in Tororo for children with disabilities but it is not free and children must be independent in their ADLs and IADLs. Our home visit was to determine the parent's decision to send their boy to this private boarding school and identify the necessary steps for the process to happen. This school will be 3 hours away from his home by foot, motorbike and bus. His parents will need to pay tuition and supply him with a mattress, 10 L jerry cans for water, and personal items. The Government of Uganda has a policy that guarantees free elementary education but this policy does not extend to children with disabilities. While the disability movement is strong and growing in Uganda, the issues to tackle are enormous in a predominantly rural population that can not access services and programs to meet their basic needs.

The Tororo team works in partnership with the government to develop programs that focus on improving the quality of life for people with disabilities. These programs include medical assistance, rehabilitation therapy, vocational training skills, providing mobility aids, and income generating activities. There are almost 6000 registered clients receiving rehabilitation interventions through occupational therapy, physiotherapy and psychiatric services. I was fortunate to join this team for my last clinical placement as an OT student in the summer of 2007.

The family decided that this boy would attend school in January 2008. They will use profits from their crops to cover his tuition. The Tororo team will work to find a sponsor to relieve the strain on the family. They have developed a partnership with a European organization who sponsors the school fees for 35 children with disabilities. While the team uses a family centred approach, the expertise gained through their work is also used to advocate for policy changes that will support the lives of people living with disabilities in this remote region of Uganda.

For more information about people who are deafblind: http://www.senseinternational.org/

For more information about people with disabilities in Uganda: http://www.pwd-u.org/



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