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The RS Graduate Program invites you to attend its OPEN HOUSE and STUDENT POSTER PRESENTATIONS on Wednesday January 14, 2015 from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm, 4th Floor, IAHS...click here for more info.

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The Rehabilitation Science Graduate Program offers two post-professional programs: a PhD and a Master’s degree. PhD graduates will be experts in rehabilitation science, advance rehabilitation research and transfer new knowledge into practice and policy. Within the Master’s degree there is a thesis option and a course based option. The thesis option offers an opportunity to assume leadership positions in the rehabilitation community and contribute to rehabilitation science research. The course based option is designed for practicing health professionals who want advanced knowledge and opportunity to upgrade their qualifications to take on advanced practice and management roles.

"I truly enjoyed RS online.  It is a phenomenal program.  The assignments, readings, modules, content, instructors - are all of such high quality and so applicable to practice.  I found the learning was more meaningful because I was working at the same time, and because I've had clinical experiences as an OT for the last almost 7 years that I could relate the material to.  I strongly recommend the program to my colleagues - I feel it really enhances the quality of practice." 

-- Natalie, M.Sc. Rehabilitation Science, Course-based option

Most students in our program are rehabilitation professionals who have full-time careers, and some have families in addition to their commitments to academics. They want to be sure that the course work is manageable, can be fit into their lives, and will additionally enhance them both personally and professionally in years to come. How can McMaster accommodate this? By offering an online course-based masters in rehabilitation sciences for health professionals.