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Process Frameworks

A comparison of two process frameworks to guide occupational therapy practice.


  • Jacquie Ripat
  • Mary Law
  • Leanne Leclair
  • Lori Letts
  • Brenda Vrkljan

Presented at the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists Conference, Ottawa, ON, June, 2009. 

Practitioners and students are challenged to maintain currency with emerging knowledge in occupational therapy. Over the past decade, the Occupational Performance Process Model (OPPM) has been used to guide the stages of occupational therapy practice. Recently the Canadian Practice Process Framework (CPPF) was introduced as an alternate way of viewing the practice process.

Uptake of new practice frameworks has historically been slow and thus development of ways to facilitate use of new knowledge is essential. Knowledge translation is best achieved through multiple strategies, opportunities to compare, contrast and discuss practice process frameworks are important for understanding of these approaches.

The goal of the presentation on this website is to advance understanding of the OPPM and CPPF practice frameworks. The slides highlight similarities and differences between the two practice process frameworks, and provide guiding questions for practitioners and students. A case scenario assists in understanding the application of the frameworks.

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