MSc PT


Master of Science (Physiotherapy) Program

The Master of Science (Physiotherapy) Program prepares students with the knowledge, skills and professional behaviours required to practice as an entry level clinician in a variety of health care and community settings.

This program is a full time, course-based masters level degree. The curriculum is based on the principles of problem-based, small-group, self-directed learning. Students will integrate theory, evidence and practice, to become evidence-based practitioners in the present and future health care environment.

What is Physiotherapy   Curriculum Overview   Educational Framework

Physiotherapy is a dynamic health care profession with foundations in theory and research and specialized clinical expertise. Physiotherapy is focused on enabling individuals to preserve, develop, and /or restore movement, function, and health.

Physiotherapists provide valuable health care for individuals throughout their life - from newborns to older adults in our society. They offer skills and knowledge to determine movement diagnoses, develop interventions to optimize and / or maintain and / or prevent loss of function. Learn more...


The Physiotherapy Program is a full-time, 25 month long, entry-to-practice master’s program.  All courses are required and follow sequentially over 6 units of study.  There are no electives. 

Units are 14 weeks in duration with Units 2 through 5 consisting of 8 weeks of academic study followed by 6 weeks of clinical practice.  All units include an inter-related problem-based tutorial course and a clinical laboratory course. A Foundational Knowledge for the Physiotherapy Practitioner course runs across Units 1, 2, and 3 in Year 1.  A Research and Evidenced-Based Practice course runs across units 4, 5 and 6 in Year 2.  Learn more...


The conceptual framework of education espoused by the MSc (PT) Program is based on adult learning theory and principles of self-directed, problem-based learning. Embedded in this framework is an educational philosophy of lifelong learning that faculty and students alike believe in and value. Learn more...